There are a few different options for adding an organization as a seller. 

Option One:   

Once you have created an event you will have the options to "Save & Finish" or "Save & Edit Sellers" 

If you select "Save & Edit Sellers" it will take you to a page that lists the different tickets types available for the event. You can search and add different Organizations to sell the different ticket types (i.e, if you only want a specific organization to be able to sell VIP tickets versus General Admission tickets and vice versa).  Once you have Selected the Organizations you want to sell tickets you can click "finish" at the bottom of the box and now those organizations have access to selling tickets. 

Option Two: 

If you would like to add sellers once the event has already been made, you can click the gear box in the right hand corner of the event and click on the "Edit Sellers"  option. 

It will redirect you the page that lists the different tickets types available for the event. From here you are able to choose the organizations you want to have access to selling the different ticket types. Once you're done click 'Finish" and those organizations now have access to selling those ticket types.

For both options, you are also able to select the type of payment each organization can accept (cash/credit/both). If the circle is highlighted blue (for cash) and grey (for credit cards) that indicates that, that form of payment is accepted. Under the organization, along with the payment type, you are able to set up a selling limit for each organization.

Notifying Sellers: 

When you are on the page that allows you to pick and choose the different organizations to sell your different ticket types you will see a "Notify Sellers" button. The "Notify Sellers" button at the top right hand corner of the page allows you to notify the organizations that now have access to sell tickets to your event, as well as, the employees that have access to selling tickets for the event. Once you hit that button you are able to add an additional message, otherwise, you can hit "notify" and that will send all sellers their relevant information regarding the event. 

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