Beyond individual sellers, you can add organizations that you have agreed with to sell tickets to your tickets

If they already have a Showpass profile: You can click on the gearbox on the top left of the event tile that you want them to sell for and select “Edit Sellers”.

From here You’ll be able to add the organization for each ticket type that you’d like them enabled for, just search for them in the search bar. 

Then select if you want them to accept cash, credit, or both. Click finish to save your edits.

Please note, the default for external sellers is credit only. If you’d like to enable cash sales, make sure the cash icon is shaded in and you’ll be good to go! If you enabler a seller to sell cash sales, you will need to collect the money from them directly. 

If they don’t already have a Showpass profile: They will need to sign up as a venue but they don’t need to add any events or sellers to have access to your shows once you add them as a seller. Then simply follow the above steps to get them set up and ready to sell! 

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