To access your box office, select the “Sell Ticket” tab from your dashboard or from the event management page If you are selling a ticket using credit, you will need the buyer’s name, email address and credit card details. 

All of your events and products are listed in the first column. The next 5 upcoming events are listed so you may need to search for a specific event if you have more than a few listed. 

Please note, expanding your screen will allow you to see 3 columns for easy viewing

Optional delivery methods are listed next to payment types, with email being the most used, followed by print. Email sends the receipt and tickets to your buyers email, while print downloads them to your computer so you can print them off on a local printer. You can select different options for both the ticket and receipt. 

This is where you have the ability to sell complimentary tickets as well as long as you have enabled those permissions under the Employee section. 

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