You can enabled customers to email a specific support email directly from your event page through the Help & Info button.

This button will open up a dialog, where your customers can see FAQs, your organization or event refund policy. They can also click a button that says "Send Message to Organizer" to fill out a form that will be emailed to you directly.

Your customers will be able to add their name, email, reason for contact and a brief message.

There are currently 5 preset reasons of contact

  • Request refund
  • Question about my ticket
  • Question about this event
  • Question about the organizer
  • Other

Accepting Customer Support Emails

You can set a support email, and whether or not to accept emails from customers on your Organization Info page, under the Support tab.

By default, the email you used to register your organization will be used as the support email, but you can enter a dedicated support email in the input provided.

To set whether or not you want to accept emails from customers, simply check or uncheck the "Allow customers to email you" checkbox

Click save to update your settings.

If you choose not to allow customers to email you, the button will be hidden from the dialog on the event page.

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