You have the ability to issue refunds and void tickets (make tickets unusable) right from the invoices page of an event. First, go to the Event Management page and select "Invoices" on the event in question. Alternatively, you can use the "Transactions" button on the top right to get a full list of lifetime transactions for your organization. 


Once there, simply use the search bar or available filters to find the buyer you’re looking for, and then select the gearbox on the lower left of their invoice tile. 

From there you can Refund, Void, Download Receipt, and Re-send Confirmation. 


Refunding Tickets: 

Refunding the tickets allows you to reverse payment for all but the ticketing fee. If you’re doing a partial refund you’ll need to make sure that you select the correct tickets or the buyer will still be able to use them to attend your event. 

To refund, just select the invoice and enter the dollar amount you want to refund, then confirm.

Voiding Tickets: 

To void, you’ll need to select the individual tickets that you want voided and then confirm your action.

This gearbox also allows you to re-send confirmation of a purchase to a buyer, which is the easiest way to get a buyer their tickets if they have misplaced them or deleted the original email. Simply select the Resend option, double check the email address (there may have been a typo in the email address if they never received the order in the first place), and then send the confirmation.

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