This feature is listed on your Pop-out menu, select the "Marketplace" tab if you have it enabled. Here you can add products and add ons for your events. These can range from merchandise (T-shirts) to upgrade options (VIP or Drink Tickets) for a show.

Get this started by creating a new product. Select "New Product" on the top right of the page.

Fill out all of the fields listed (Product Name, Description, Image, etc.) and set a Price and Inventory level.  

Under the "Advanced Options" you'll select between three options on where to have this product listed. You can choose as few or as many as you'd like:

  • Venue Page: This will show for purchase on it's own from your general venue page, and be visible to all buyers
  • Staff Box Office Page: This allows staff members to sell the product from your box office page as a standalone item
  • Event/Ticket Pages: This allows you to suggest the product as an Add On during the checkout process for any events that you select once enabled. You’ll need to select the events from the list that appears once you enable this option.

The "New Category" button on the top right allows you to create groups to organize your products into if you're planning on having several active or archiving old ones. 

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