To create a voucher, it is the same process as creating a discount, except you will select select Voucher as the discount type.

Creating the Voucher

To create a discount, navigate to the Discounts section of your dashboard. This can be accessed by the Discounts button on the Manage Events page.

Then to create a new voucher click the New Discount button in the top right.

In the Create Discount / Voucher dialog, select Voucher and enter a desccription for your Voucher.

You will need to select what Events & Ticket Types these vouchers can be used to applied to.

You can use the event search function to find the event, then click the Red X for the event to activate all of the ticket types associated with that event.

Once an event has been activated, you can chose what ticket types the vouchers should apply to by clicking the green checkmark button beside each ticket type name.

In this case, the voucher New Voucher can only be used and applied to the ticket type Free Ticket with Voucher from the event Buy with Voucher Event.

Attaching Vouchers to Ticket Types

Now that your new vouchers is created, we need to attach the voucher to a ticket type, so when a customer purchases the ticket, their account will be credited.

To do this, click Edit on the event from your Manage Events page in the dashboard, then click on the gear icon to the right of the ticket type you want to attach the new voucher to.

Navigate to the Voucher section, and select the New Voucher that was just created.

Then enter the number of vouchers you want each ticket purchase to generate in the Voucher Quantity field.

Voucher quantity is directly affected by the number of tickets a customer selects. In the case above, if the customer selected a quantity of one ticket they would be issued 10 vouchers. If they selected a quantity of two tickets, they would be issued 20 vouchers.

Ticket Quantity * Voucher Quantity = Vouchers Generated

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