Creating a Survey

To create a survey, go into your Dashboard and go to Manage Events. Find the event you would like to create a survey for and click Edit. 

Scroll down to Category 6: Checkout Form & Experience.

Choose between Standard Info and Enhanced Info. 

Standard Info collects basic information: Name, Email Address and Phone Number.

Enhanced Info has built in default questions that you can turn on and off.

Required Info Option

Below the Standard Info/Enhance Info box, you will see an option to Require guest information for each ticket. If you enable this, it will require customers to answer any questions you have chosen for your survey before they can complete the checkout process.

Custom Questions
You can add custom questions to your survey by clicking the blue Add Question button. Organizers have the option to assign questions to specific ticket types.

Input Label: The question title
Help Text: Smaller text displayed alongside the question to provide extra information
Input Type: Choose from different input types depending on the question

Input Types

  • Text Input: Allows customers to enter an alpha numeric values
  • Textarea Input: Allows customers to enter a max of 500 characters
  • Decimal Input: Allows customers to enter in decimal values. eg: 12345.54321
    This input only allows 5 digits before and 5 digits after the decimal point
  • Integer Input: Allows customers to enter in a max 10 digit integer eg: 1234567890
  • Date Picker: Will prompt customers with a calendar to choose a specific date
  • Select Box: Allows customers to choose from a list of custom options
    After selecting this, an Options field will open. To add your list of choices, simply write your text and then press enter after each on item. 

Once completed, click save and your customers will now be prompted to fill out the survey when completing their transaction.

Collecting Survey Information

To collect survey information, go to the top left corner, click the menu to open the sidebar menu. Click Check In. 

Select the event and ticket types you created the survey for. 

In the top right corner click Download Will Call Tickets. This will download a CSV file with the customers information and  survey answers you have gathered!

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