Ticket tiers allow you to incentivize customers to buy early for lower priced tickets. 

Sale Times

We allow you to add sale times for each ticket type so you can pre-select the time that people can start purchasing tickets. By default, a ticket type's sale times are as follows:

Start Time: Immediate
End Time: The start of the event 

Setting Sale Times

To add a sale time to a ticket, select the gear next to a ticket. 

A dialogue box will open up, and you'll want to go down to the Sale Starts On: and Sale Ends On: section.

Click Add Start Sale Time and/or Add Sale End Time and use our date picker to find the exact time you want this ticket to be available. Then select Okay at the bottom of the dialogue, and then Save the event. 

**Please note, the sale start time will be shown to customers.

Auto Release Tickets

We allow you to tie tickets to each other, so that when one ticket reaches a certain inventory limit, the next one is released without you having to monitor it.

Create the Tickets 

In order to use this feature, the event and the tickets need to be created first. Here are some instructions. 

Set Up the Auto Release 

Click Edit underneath the event that you'd like to set up tickets for, and scroll to Section 3) Ticket Types. Select the Gear next to the ticket that will be sold first (ie. Tier 1). 

From there, select Auto Release in the top menu. 

In Release Limit, you enter the amount that Tier 1 has to reach for Tier 2 to be sold. As an example, if you enter 25, Tier 2 will be released when Tier 1 is at 25 tickets.

In Ticket to release, select the Ticket Type that needs to be released (ie. Tier 2). Then select Add

The list will be updated at the top. You can have more than one ticket auto released for one ticket.

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