Ticket credits allow customers to pre-purchase tickets to your event. 

When a customer buys a ticket type that has a ticket credit attached, they will receive a code with a certain number of credit(s) that they can redeem for tickets at a later time. As an organizer, you can choose what tickets are available for ticket credit redemption. 

How Does it Work?

  1. You create the ticket credit 
  2. Attach the ticket credit to a ticket type for customers to purchase 
  3. Customers purchase that ticket type with the attached credit and receive a code for their credit(s) on checkout. The ticket credit code also gets sent to their email and stored on their Showpass account
  4. They can redeem that credit on checkout for a future event by applying their code(s). The Showpass platform will also prompt them to use the ticket credit code on applicable events.

1. Creating the Ticket Credit

From the Pop-out Menu, select Ticket Credits.

Start by clicking the "New Ticket Credit" button on the top right of this page. 

Enter a name for your Ticket Credit here. In this example, it is called Playoff Pass. 

Once saved, this will show on a list of your available credits under the first column on the Ticket Credits page.

By selecting your Ticket Credit here, you are able to move on to Step 2 and select the ticket types that will deliver the Ticket Credit. 

2. Attach it to a Ticket Type 

Customers receive credits by purchasing ticket types that have a ticket credit attached to them.

For our example, we're going to attach 7 Credits to the Full Playoff Pass ticket type from our Playoff Game Passes event. 

First, select the Playoff Pass Ticket Credit from the first column and then pick the desired event from the subsection in the second column,

Scroll down to the Ticket Type listing for that event, and pick the Full Playoff Pass you've created. 

Here we've chosen to add 7 Ticket Credits to the Full Playoff Pass ticket option. This will allow a purchaser to redeem 7 ticket credits after buying this one ticket type. 

You are now ready to move on to Step 3. 

3. Select the Events the Ticket Credit can be redeemed on. 

On the third column on this page, Events Enabled, you pick where a ticket credit can be redeemed for a ticket. 

Here, we searched for the Playoff Game to be enabled with this Ticket Credit.
As of now, none of the tickets under Playoff Game 2 are enabled, as all have a red X next to their names. You can toggle that X, or the master one next to the event name, in order to select any or all tickets that are redeemable. 

Here we've enabled all ticket types to be redeemed with the Full Playoff Pass ticket credit. You can add multiple events here as well, in the case of a 7 game playoff run you would want to add all 7 games to be redeemable with your Ticket Credit. 

Click "Save" on the top left once you're finished adding events, and you're now done the set up! Customers will now be able to buy the Ticket Credit and redeem them as they'd like.

4. Customers Purchase a Ticket Type with a Ticket Credit

When a customer purchases a ticket type with a ticket credit, the process is exactly the same as purchasing a regular ticket, but they will receive a ticket credit code (with a usage limit) when they've completed check out. The ticket credit code information will also be in their email confirmation and stored in their Showpass account. 

They can also view their ticket credits in their account. As well as view events where they can redeem their tickets if the events are public.

5. Customers Redeem Their Credit

Customers can redeem their ticket credit like any discount code

If they're logged into their Showpass account, their code will automatically apply to any applicable tickets and/or be suggested upon Checkout. 

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