Ticket credits allow customers to pre-purchase tickets to your event. When they buy a ticket credit, customers receive a code with a certain number of credit(s) that they redeem for tickets from a selection of your choosing that they can redeem at a later time. 

How Does it Work?

  1. You create the ticket credit 
  2. Attach it to a ticket type for customers to purchase 
  3. Customers purchase that ticket type with the attached credit, receive a code for their credit(s) on checkout, in their email, and their Showpass account
  4. They redeem that credit on check out, by applying their code(s)

We're going to be creating a Season Pass ticket credit, a 10 Pass and a 20 Pass that can be redeemed for General Admission tickets for our generic events. 

1. Creating the Ticket Credit

From the Pop-out Menu, select Ticket Credits and the New Ticket Credits button in the top right

Enter a description for your Ticket Package and select what Events & Ticket Types the ticket credit can be redeemed for. Ours is called Season Pass

**Please note, you can edit what events/ticket types can be redeemed at any time.

You can use the event search function to find the event, then click the Red X for the event to activate all of the ticket types associated with that event.

Once an event has been activated, each ticket type in that event will be activated. If you want to deactivate ticket types, simply click the green checkmark beside the ticket type name.

In this case, Season Pass can currently only be used and applied to the ticket type General Admission from our generic Events.

2. Attach it to a Ticket Type 

Customers receive credits by purchasing ticket types that have a ticket credit attached to them.

For our example, we'd attach 10 and 20 credits to two ticket types called 10 Pass and 20 Pass

Click Edit on the event from your Manage Events page in the dashboard, then click on the gear icon to the right of the ticket type you want to at

Scroll down to the Ticket Credit section, and select the Ticket Credit that you'd like to be released.

Then enter the number of credits you want to generate per code in the Ticket Quantity field.

Ticket Basket Quantity * Ticket Credit Quantity = # of Codes * # of Credits

So, if someone purchases 4 of the "10 Passes" they'll receive 4 codes, that can be redeemed 10 times each. Which means, they can redeem up to 40 tickets total. 

So, if someone purchases 4 of the "20 Passes" they'll receive 4 codes, that can be redeemed 20 times each. Which means, they can redeem up to 80 tickets total.

3. Customers Purchase a Ticket Type with a Ticket Credit

Purchasing a ticket type with a ticket credit is exactly the same as purchasing a regular ticket, but they'll will receive a code with their limit when they've completed check out and in their email confirmation. 

They can also view their ticket credits in their account. As well as view events where they can redeem their tickets, if the events are public.

4. Customers Redeem Their Credit

Customers can redeem their ticket credit like any discount code

If they're logged into their Showpass account, their code will automatically apply to any applicable tickets and/or be suggested upon Check Out. 

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