You can create discount codes for your customers by clicking on the Discounts button on the top right of your event management page.

From there, you can create a new code by clicking on the New Discount tab.  

You need to specify the following: 

  • What your code is going to be (2FOR1)
  • The percentage discount (Between 1%-100%) or dollar amount discount
  • The amount of times that it can be used in total 
  • The amount of times that it can be used by one user

After that, you’ll be prompted to select which of your events that you’d like the discount to apply to, and you can further specify the exact ticket types the discount code will work on. You can set a start and end time for the code to be functional at this point as well. 

Press Okay and your code will be enabled!  

Social Discounts

This option is available if it has been enabled when you're creating a New Event under the Social Sharing tab. This option provides customers who are buying a ticket for your event a discount for sharing your event via social media. You are able to customize the share reward. The customer will receive that particular amount off their purchase when they share the event on social media.

Before the customer pays for their tickets, they will have the ability to select Share this event for the discount you enabled for the event. See example:

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