From a Customer’s Profile 

**Please note, if customers did not sign-in/create an account when they received the ticket credit code, this is not applicable 

Customers can find their ticket credit codes by logging into their Showpass account and then selecting their name in the top right corner of the screen. This will open up a dropdown menu and then they’ll select Ticket Credits.

On that page, they’ll be able to see their codes, see how many times it’s been used, what organizer it’s issued from, and what events the ticket credit can be applied to.

We also have a handy COPY button right next to the code if they don’t want to type it out in the checkout screen.

From the Box Office

You also have the ability to look up the ticket credit codes from the box office for specific ticket types. Underneath the Cart Summary, select Add Discount Code. 

Enter in the customer’s account email address in the Search for ticket credit by account e-mail field, before selecting Search for Ticket Credit.

If a customer has an applicable ticket credit code, a screen will open up underneath with the code, its description and how many times it’s been used.

To apply the code, click on the blue box in the Select column.

**Please note, though you are able to look up customers who purchased as a guest and through the box office, only credits that are applicable to the selected tickets will appear

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