Possible Issues

Is the permission enabled? 

If you're on the Basic tier, this option is unfortunately not available to you. That said, you can upgrade to a Standard account, and we can get that set up for you.

 If you've joined before February 21st 2018 and have never sold Facebook through Showpass we may need to enable the permission for you! If you are Creating a Facebook Event but don't see anything under Available Tickets, then you know to contact us! 

Have you accepted our Facebook permissions?

When you first create an event through Facebook, you'll be prompted to accept our permissions. If you don't say yes to all of our permissions, we cannot put your event on Facebook. If you've already rejected our permissions, head to this page select Showpass and then accept all of our permissions.

Are you an Admin on your Facebook page?

You need to be an Admin on your Facebook page. This help article from Facebook explains what that entails. 

Are their restrictions on your Facebook page?

If you have any restrictions on your Facebook page (from age limits, location limits, and more) those will need to be removed before posting the event. They can be added on once the event has been added to Facebook, but initially, it needs to be removed.

Does the event have a proper location/address?

Facebook requires that you must put a complete event location with the address before posting. 

Do you have $0 tickets?

Unfortunately, our feature does not support $0 tickets on Facebook just yet. 

Have you tried creating the event, then deleted it off of Facebook, then tried to recreate it again?

If events were created through Showpass, they must be deleted through Showpass. If this is the case, duplicate your event on Showpass, delete the original then try again. 

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