Start on our Features page and click on the Register Organization button

Enter your organization's information in the corresponding fields. 

Please note that this isn’t permanent and can be changed at any time.

Once you've registered your organization, you will be redirected to the homepage. From here you are able to change or add to your profile, create an event, add products, add employees as well as view what your profile looks like. 

Click Complete your Profile to fill out all your needed info including address, contact info, venue name, hours of operation, social media profiles or websites you’d like to link to, financials and modules. There are fields for all of these areas, and you can edit them from your Organization Info tab once your profile is created.  

Adding Modules

You can edit the features you have access to such as Reservations, Capacity Counters, and Incidents on the Organization Info page under the Modules tab. 

Adding Your Branding

Finish adding in your branding, under the Branding tab. Here you can upload a background image and logo to be displayed on the events you create and your organization landing page. 

You're all set up and ready to start selling tickets! 

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