You can send out automated email campaigns from your Network page, which is accessible from the pop out menu on the top left of your Showpass page once you're logged in. You’ll need to set up your Campaign Monitor account first, as this feature is run through an external party. If you haven't set this up, you’ll see a prompt after clicking on "Email Campaigns" in the top right of the Network page.

Once you’re set up there (follow the directions on Campaign Monitor), you’ll see the options for Filters, Email Campaigns, and to Export a CSV in the top right of this page.

From here you can click on "Filters" to use the filters to find a list of customers based on many different criteria, such as events attended in the past and date range of purchases. You can use any combination of these filters to narrow down your list of buyers that you'd like to reach out to, and move on to the next step to add them into an email list. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: You'll need to select only those who have opted into receiving communication from you, by selecting the "True" option under the Subscription Status filter on the bottom left of the filters dropdown. This can be applied alongside your custom filter selection. 

To create an email list, you must first select “New List” under the Email Campaign options, and then name the new list that you're creating. Click on "Add Customers to List", and you will be prompted to select the list that you want to add all selected ticket buyers into. Once added, simply select "New Campaign" and follow the steps in Campaign Monitor to send off an email campaign to everyone in the list that you've now created. 

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