Replace the need to print and distribute Hardcopy Tickets with our ability to take payment and sell tickets directly from your computer or phone!

There are a lot perks by selling & sending tickets electronically:

  • No cost to the event organizer to distribute electronic tickets
  • Inventory is tracked properly, know with 100% confidence how many tickets you have sold at any time! 
  • Collect customer information
  • Ensure safe tickets are provided to your customers
  • Start selling right away! No need to wait for us to print and ship your tickets

Use our Seller Network by selling from the Box Office. 

You can do so from the Web or your Mobile Phone to sell e-tickets

Want to set up a Box Office location in your city for customer to come grab tickets? Any smart phone can download the Showpass Dashboard App! Set up who ever is located at this Box Office and they can sell tickets right from their phone! 

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