You can check in guests through the desktop site or on the Showpass app. 

Check-In Using the Showpass Site

  1. Go to your Event management page and open the Check In tab of the event you’re running. 

2. Select the ticket / product types that you need. From there you can search up buyers, or pair a bluetooth scanner to scan in barcodes right from your computer or tablet. 

The WIll Call list can also be downloaded from this window, and will export your entire guest list to a CSV for easy printing and offline check in. 

Check-In Using iOS/Android App

This is usually faster than using check in on the web, and has all of the same functionality. 

  • Select the Check In option from the app dashboard. 
  • Choose the events that you are scanning for, by selecting the circle on the left.
  • Press the screen up the scanner which will allow you to scan in tickets (on paper or from a screen) 
  • Hold the scanner about 6 to 10 inches away from the barcode or QR code (far enough to see the entire code in the camera range) and the scanner will check the ticket in 

Both of these options will give you a green confirmation message or a red denial, which means the ticket is not valid for some reason. The reason will be displayed on the red screen as well, and you can act accordingly. 

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