Customer Shows Receipt/Invoice

Tell the customer to check the email sent to them for an attachment called Tickets. Opening that will show their barcode. 

Scanner not Reading Barcode

Here's what you can try: 

  1. Turn up the brightness of the customer's phone
  2. Zoom in on the barcode
  3. Try another barcode (there's 2 on each page) 
  4. Move the camera so that it's on your hand, and tap the screen to focus on the camera 

Battery Draining Fast

To conserve battery, make sure to only have the camera on when you're actively scanning. If there's no rush, just keep it on this page by selecting Cancel.

Scanning Messages

Here are some messages you can expect when you're scanning tickets and how to respond. 

Scanning Message: Ticket Has Already Been Scanned

The ticket has already been scanned. Check the time (to make sure that it wasn't in the past few seconds), and then let the customer know that it cannot be used.

Scanning Message: Ticket Matching Code Not Found

The ticket is for a completely different event organizer! The customer may have gotten it confused for another event, have them check their email for the correct tickets.

Scanning Message: Ticket Type Not Selected

This ticket is for a different event for your organization, that has not been chosen. Either the customer has brought the ticket for a different event or

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