From Desktop

To access your box office, select the Sell Ticket tab from your dashboard or from the event management page.

Finding the Events

All of your events and products are listed in the first column. The next 5 upcoming events are listed so you may need to search for a specific event if you have more than a few listed. 

Once you've found the event, select the drop down next to the ticket type you want to sell to adjust the quantity.

Please note, expanding your screen will allow you to see 3 columns for easy viewing

Payment Details

Here, you will enter the buyer’s name, email address and phone number.

Delivery Methods

Optional delivery methods are listed next to payment types, with email being the most used, followed by print. 

  • Email sends the receipt and tickets to your buyers email. 
  • Print downloads them to your computer so you can print them off on a local printer. 
  • Scan card allows you to store the ticket onto a magnetized card

You can select different options for both the ticket and receipt. 

Payment Methods

You have the option between:

  • Credit: Service fees will be charged (unless they are absorbed by the organizer) and requires the customer's credit card details 
  • Cash: No service fees will be charged and no additional details are required 
  • Complimentary: The entire cart will be free. Please note, that this option is limited to the people who have the Advanced Box Office employee permission. 

From Mobile

  1. Log-in to your account and select Sell Inventory
  2. Scroll to your event or search by selecting the magnifying glass in the upper right.
  3. To Add Tickets: Click on the right of the ticket typeTo Remove Tickets: Click on the left of the ticket typeTo Add Products: Select the Products tab on the bottom of the page
  4. Select Subtotal
  5. Adjust the quantity by selecting the pen & paper under the ticket/product
  6. Choose either Credit, Cash or Complimentary
  7. Choose your email options (by default Email Tickets, and Email Receipt will be selected)
  8. Press Confirm
  9. Enter the buyer's name, email address, phone number and any additional payment info before hitting Process Order
  10. If you get a green Success Message, the order has been processed

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