You can easily measure the effectiveness of promotions by creating custom tracking links for your events. To do this: Click Tracking Links in your dashboards sidebar menu. Here, you can access all tracking link stats and create new tracking links.

Create a Custom Tracking Link

To create a new custom tracking link, click the green Create Tracking Link button to open up the creation dialog.

Select Custom Event Link and enter in a description for your new link:

Select a Related Event for your new link:

Revealing Ticket Types with Tracking Links

If you have an event with ticket types set to Visible to Sellers Only (ie. hidden to everyone but your box office team), you can display those tickets on the event page when they are visited through the tracking link. 

After selecting your event, select the box that says Filter By Ticket Type. Then, search and select your ticket types. 

Click Okay to generate your new tracking link.

You can now copy your tracking link by clicking the copy button to the right of the link.

You may experience a short delay in statistics being updated, pleaser refer to the time stamp to see when your stats were last updated.

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