We Recommend Creating a Showpass Account

Accounts allow you to store what you've bought under your profile, giving you instant access to your tickets. You will be able to transfer tickets through Showpass, and your account history will be at your finger-tips. An account allows us to easily process any ticket re-issues or refunds if needed.

Creating Your Showpass Account

You do not need Facebook to create an account, simply select the Register option that is just below the Log In With Facebook button on the same page. You will need to create a Showpass account to check out, but all you need is your: 

  • Name
  • Email Address¬†
  • Password

Guest Checkout

Some of our organizers have opted to enable a Guest Checkout option which does not need the creation of a profile in order to complete a purchase, but if you do not see that option upon checkout you'll need to use one of the two above options.

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