Purchasing on our Website

We accept payment through all major credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, Amex), though some venues limit payment to just Mastercard or Visa (No Amex or Visa Debit). This varies based on the system that these venues have installed, and is out of our control.

If you run into issues trying to pay with an Amex or Visa Debit, we recommend trying a different card. 

Purchasing in Person 

You can buy tickets for several of our shows through retail outlets local to the area the event will be held in. Those events will list the locations and promoters selling their tickets in the event description. They will take either credit or cash payment, and then send the ticket to your email where you can print it off or save it to your phone. This method also allows you to purchase without paying for our online processing fees, saving you a small cost per ticket!

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