Getting a refund

Organizers using Showpass set their own Refund Policy. On the event page, you will find information regarding their refund policy! You will have to speak with them directly to inquire further about refunds, if the policy does not answer your question. 

How to reach the organizers

On the Event Page
Some organizers can be contacted through the event page. Scroll down the event page and select HELP & INFO.


Once you have filled out the fields in the contact form, select SEND and your message will directly be emailed to the organization. 

Through Social Media
Event organizers can sometimes reachable through their own websites or on their social media profiles. You can find this info if you scroll to the bottom of the event page and click the ORGANIZER PROFILE link at the bottom of the page. Once you are on the ORGANIZER PROFILE page, you'll see the icons on the left hand side that links to their website and/or social media pages.

Rescheduled/Cancelled Shows 

If a show has been rescheduled or cancelled, you will want to get in touch with the event organizers! For cancelled shows we will automatically refund tickets in full, and you can expect to see it within 5-10 business days. For rescheduled shows, the event organizers will inform you of the refund policy, or honouring of the ticket on the new event date! 

Need more help? Chat with us by selecting the red icon on the bottom right of your screen

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