The name on each ticket does not have to match the individual who is using the ticket. The ticket will work as long as the barcode has not been scanned already, and is valid. 

The name on the ticket is simply the person who bought the tickets originally. 

Changing the Name

Editing The Ticket 

If an organizer has this feature enabled, you can edit your ticket by selecting your Name in the top right screen and then selecting Tickets. From there, scroll to the ticket you'd like to edit and select Edit Ticket Details

A field will open up below where you can change the name. When you're done select the Red Checkmark.

If you receive a Green Success message, the change has been made! 

Transferring the Ticket

If you are still concerned, you can use our transfer option to send tickets to your friends & family, and their names will be displayed on the tickets once transferred.

Please note, if an event has a survey you will not be able to transfer your ticket. Please contact us in that case. 

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