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Your browser or device may have a cookie blocker, which stops our site from storing the information on what you’re trying to purchase and putting it in your cart. 

This frequently occurs when you're trying to purchase tickets from a work computer or other devices with high security settings. Allowing cookies from our site (if you’re having trouble doing this, we have guides at the bottom of the page), or changing the browser - we recommend using Google Chrome, Firefox or our app - usually fixes the issue. 

If that fails, switching to another device and trying again is your best bet. 

After this has been done, the tickets will remain in your shopping cart and you can proceed to checkout and get ready for the event! 

How to Enable Cookies

Tickets in Other Customer's Carts

If you're getting a message that all tickets are in other customer's carts, this generally means that the event is about to be sold out and the last few tickets are in the process of being purchased. 

Our carts tend to expire after 8-10 minutes of inactivity so there's a chance that they may not be purchased. If the tickets are sold out and you're wondering if the organizer is going to release more, your best bet is to get in touch with them directly

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