Open Event Template - This can be done in two places

  1. Manage Events tab:

2. Pop out menu on left hand side:

This will open an event template where you can start filling out basic event information

Basic Info
Event Name: Fill out the event name with a title of your choice
Categories: Select at least one relevant category for your event
Visibility: This is where you set who is able to view your event. We recommend setting it to Hidden until you are ready to push your event live

Location & Dates
Location: Fill out where your event will be taking place
Event Times: Select what day and time your event starts and also when it ends. 

Ticket Types
You will need to have at least one ticket type to save your event

Enter Ticket Name, Inventory and Price for your ticket(s)

Save & Finish!

Scroll to the bottom and be sure to Save & Finish

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