Discount codes can be created by opening the menu from the top left side or from the Events page. Go to your discounts code page now! 

Once on the discounts page, select + New Discount in the top right corner

Code: This is what organizers give out to customers to enter in the checkout process for a discounted ticket price
Description: Giving more information regarding the discount code
Discount Unit: Select the percentage or dollar amount you would like deducted when the code is redeemed
Total Limit: This refers to how many times the code can be redeemed in total
Limit Per User: This refers to how many times the code can be used by one user 

Enable discount codes for events and ticket types
You can choose to either have the discount code apply to 

  1. Apply to Certain Ticket Types (by clicking and changing the red X to a green Checkmark, it will enabled the code to work for that event & ticket type)

2. Apply to all ticket types (this will apply to all current and future events & ticket         types)

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