Scanning on our iOS or Android app is easier than ever.

  • Download & Open the app, and login with your Showpass account (your employees can download the app and be scanning from multiple smartphones at the same time!)

Download the Showpass iOS Dashboard App
Download the Showpass Android App

  • Select the Check In option from the app dashboard. 
  • Choose the events that you are scanning for by selecting the circle on the left.
  • If you need to check in products, you can tap the Products tab in the bottom menu and select what products you wish to scan
  • Click continue and the SCAN ITEMS page will open. 

Tap anywhere on the grey screen to open the scanner, this will ask for permission to use the camera on your phone.

Scan the QR Code

Scanning the square QR code is the fastest way to register the barcode value.

Simply make sure the camera has the full QR code visible within the boundaries of what you can see through the app.

There are 3 different coloured responses you will see: 

  • green confirmation message
  •  yellow "ticket not selected" message (make sure you have selected the correct event and tickets to be scanning in! And you may want to review which ticket your guest is trying to scan in)
  • red denial message (the reasoning behind the denial will appear on the screen)

See our Scanning Troubleshooting article for help.

Selling tickets at the door? Checkout our Selling Tickets From Your Box Office on how to do so! 

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