Let's say you have three events coming up and would like to offer your customers the option of buying a package where they receive 1 or more tickets to each event - This would be done by creating a ticket package.

Terminology to understand:
Parent Ticket: The ticket customers purchase when they are looking to buy a package. When they purchase this ticket, it sends them all individual tickets included in the package
Parent Event: This is the event that contains the Parent Ticket type.
Child Event: The event that contains the children ticket types. There can be multiple Child Events
Child Ticket: This is the ticket that gets sent out when someone purchases a Ticket Package/Parent Ticket. There can be multiple Child Tickets in a package. 

Inventory Levels:
The parent ticket will always be 1 per package, but children tickets will vary based on what is included in the ticket package. Eg. If you have a ticket package that sends out four tickets when you purchase one package, that would count as one Parent Ticket in the inventory. It also means that those four children tickets that are sent out will be taken out of the inventory of that specific ticket type. In this example: Parent Ticket = 1, Children Tickets = 4

Creating the Ticket Package
You have the option to create a separate event for the ticket package OR you can incorporate the ticket package into any existing event. After that has been created, go to the top left menu, click and scroll down to Ticket Packages. Click Create Ticket Package in the top right corner. The below image will appear:

This is where we enter the details of the ticket package. In this example, our Parent Event = Film Fest All Access Pass and our Parent Ticket = All Access Pass. 

Now enter in your Child Event and the Child Ticket type. As mentioned above, these are the individual tickets that can be redeemed and are sent when a customer purchases a ticket package. You also have the ability to select how many tickets you want to send out for each event. 

As you can see in this example, when someone purchases 1 All Access Pass (ticket package), they will be sent 1 ticket to Comedy Screening, 1 ticket to Sports Screening, 1 ticket to Documentary Screening. 

Make sure to Save your ticket package. If you have any questions on creating a ticket package, feel free to contact our support team at support@showpass.com.

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